Fort Lauderdale, FL Homeowners Insurance

We service the surrounding communities including Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Weston, and Coral Springs and communities throughout Florida such as Miami, Palm Beach, Daytona, and Orlando

Accredited Insurance

Of course your home is covered – but do you have ENOUGH coverage?

Cover all your bases
At Accredited Insurance, you’ll find multiple homeowner policies crafted to fit every homeowner’s situation. You can get basic, broad form, deluxe or enhance special coverage. You can also cover your condo, apartment or older home.

Limit your costs
By CAREFULLY limiting your coverage on lost or damaged jewelry, firearms, or silverware, you can reduce your costs. You can also get discounts for safety features like storm shutters or for buying multiple policies.

Match the policy to your property

  • Basic or standard policy
  • Broad form
  • Special ( also called deluxe, all risk )
  • Renters
  • Enhanced special coverage
  • Condo policy
  • Older home policy

Reduce your costs with coverage limits

  • Cash loss – $200
  • Jewelry – $1000
  • Firearms – $2500
  • Silverware – $2500

Easy payments options like check by phone or automatic monthly checking account deductions make managing your bill easy. You can also get a FREE online quote.

Contact Accredited Insurance today for your FREE online quote for coverage that protects your home, or call 954-964-5444 for more information.

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